Taking Steps to the Angle

Placing your self at an angle to an opponent is considered a strategic position to take.  The technique demonstrated here lets you practice taking an angled position as well as using the half step on the front foot. This is a good opportunity for practicing techniques without the overt push-hands element being present. One of the faults of training is the over-training of connected push-hands. We should also be practicing techniques which are initiated in other ways.

Begin with the basic push hands stance

Come under the incoming strike with your fist facing more or less downwards

Step the left foot to the side while cutting under the incoming strike

Finish by pulling the right foot in front of you a half step on the ball of the foot, and use the left hand to control just behind the elbow.

partner strikes with their left arm, use your left fist to come under their strike.

While blocking with the left arm step the right foot back.

To finish bring the left foot into a half step position on the ball of the foot, and control the elbow with the right hand

These photos were taken while doing the entire technique in normal timing and so the positioning is more natural.

Post script: I think that the blocking arm can also be given some ward-off energy especially if the incoming strike is heavy. Also the turning of your blocking arm to the side can come from the waist. This could be done during the single hand to double hand change as different way of opening into this technique.–