History and Background

Here is a photo essay of some of the history of the Yang Style of  Tai Chi Chuan and its connection to Edmonton.  It begins with Master Mak Ying Po who studied with Tung Ying Chieh in Hong Kong and China. Master Mak also taught in Hong Kong before initially moving to Saskatchewan. He then brought his Tai Chi to Edmonton in the early 1970s. Master Mak ran a well-known supermarket, The Wee Supermarket, in central Edmonton and would hold Tai Chi classes upstairs in his residence. Unfortunately, there are no known photos of the Wee Supermarket.

Later, Master Mak taught Tai Chi through the Alberta Tai Chi Chuan Association at the Tai Chi Studio on Kingsway Avenue. Many many students went through the Kingsway Studio. There are stories to be told about the diversity of personalties who learned from Master Mak. Hopefully some day some of those stories can be collected. After Master Mak’s retirement, Master Andy Wong then took over the teaching at the studio along with teaching at many other organizations around Edmonton.

Below are some photos of Master Andy Wong, Master Mak and Tung Ying Chieh (all photos copyright by Andy Wong).

Here is a photo of the young Mak Ying Po with his teacher Tung Ying Chieh.























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