Alberta Teachers’ Association Health and Wellness Fair

I had the privilege to give a Tai Chi demo at the Alberta Teachers’ Association. I demonstrated the Fast Form, Sabre, Slow Form and push-hands with my assistant Jennifer. It was great to demonstrate in front of such a good audience. I felt that everyone was appreciative.

Teaching is a very stressful job which Tai Chi can address. It is a multifaceted art improving balance, alertness, precision of movement, calmness, and endurance. All qualities which teachers use every day, as teaching is a very physical job. Several teachers mentioned how interesting it was to see that Tai Chi has much more to offer than the slow form. In particular the value of push-hands holds much promise to give everyone an enjoyable exercise, a good workout, but very graceful.

Although I have many ideas about how Tai Chi can benefit teachers; I prefer to wait to see what teachers themselves have to say, and hear their ideas on how to bring this art to their circle.