Slow Flash Mob Downtown with Tai Chi

Push Hands at Louise McKinney Park

Park life in China is often filled with children doing laps on roller-blades as part of their sports training, cha-cha dancers, chess players, karaoke singers, massage sessions, flute players, saxophonists, and people just sitting on benches. Local artist Amy Shostak who went on a trip to China and was inspired by the active park life set out to create a similar opportunity for Edmontonians. We certainly have the park space, but not the culture for using them save for a few exceptions like Hawrelak Park and Ezio Faraone Park, and so she arranged to have chess, zumba dancing, story telling, and Tai Chi at Louise Mckinney Park downtown.

We had two Tai Chi sessions and they were well attended. I would start by performing some of the slow form and slowly one or two more people would come in and join until we had up to ten people. We did the first part of the form, and true to the fuller curriculum of Tai Chi, two push hands sets per session.